16 and 17 January 2023 // Fires of Sant’Antonio

The event of the fire of Sant’Antonio Abate inaugurates the new year and represents an ancient rite, among the agro-pastoral communities, which on this occasion invoke the protection of the Saint to wish a good agricultural year.

On the day of Sant’Antonio, patron saint of Mamoiada, the masks make their first outing of the year, visiting numerous votive fires organized by citizens in every district of the town to kick off the Carnival.

The evening before, during vespers dedicated to the Saint, the parish priest blesses the parish fire, from which the representatives of each district take a freshly blessed ember to be able to light their local bonfire and thus starting the party.

The Rite takes place with a cadence that begins on January 16 with “su pesperu”: procession, blessing, lighting of the Fire and then other Fires scattered in the districts; continues on January 17 with “sa prima issida” and the celebration of the propitiatory rite around the Fire by the Mamuthones and Issohadores.