MATer - Museum of Archeology and Territory

A journey to discover the culture of Mamoiada

The MATer is housed in the former Golosio house, which was the manor house of one of the town’s aristocratic families. The aim of the space is to keep track of cultural and emotional issues, continually challenged by modernity, which are shaping a new life for the Mamoiadina community.


The exhibition is designed as a multimedia and interactive path, designed and created by Studio Azzurro, unfolding in three thematic rooms. From the first, dedicated to the rich archaeological heritage of the Mamoiada area, we arrive at the third, that of narration, dedicated to telling and listening to local experiences; in the middle, visitors enjoy a sensory and modern experience, as history and technology are combined.

MATer Museum

Via Manno, 18
08024 Mamoiada (NU)


Full: € 4
Reduced: € 2,50

Every day at 2.00 pm you can combine the guided tour of the Museum of Mediterranean Masks with a visit to the Museum of Work Culture and the MATer Museum

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