Museum of Culture and Work

Traditional clothes as a leitmotif for the discovery of Mamoiada

A journey to discover traditional clothes; a fascinating reference point for the story and traditions of the Mamoiada area. In a Museum dedicated to Culture and Work, these are the pretext for observing the transformations of a society that has only recently begun to change concretely, without distorting its original self.


It is the moments of celebration and mourning that mark the essence of community life in Mamoiada, and the clothing representative of both – and their reasons for being – contain all the paradigms of meaning through which Mamoiada can be observed and understood.


The visit, from the main room dedicated to Mamoiada’s work activities, then winds through the thematic rooms that tell a still true life up to the middle of the last century.

Museum of Culture and Work

Via Sardegna, 17
08024 Mamoiada (NU)


Full: € 4
Reduced: € 2,50

Every day at 2.00 pm you can combine the guided tour of the Museum of Mediterranean Masks with a visit to the Museum of Work Culture and the MATer Museum

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